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About General Information Write for Us Football Guest Post

Our website only accepts high-quality, engaging, and informative guest posts; so submit your best Write for Us Football Guest Post.

Do you play football? Do you enjoy sharing footfall tips and tricks with your readers? Do you wish to inform the world about the various ways to play football? Chengho.org is a website where you can share your writings and posts as guests with the rest of the globe. The website invites professionally formatted Write for Us Football Guest Post from writers all around the world.

Chengho.org Introduction 

  • It is a website that provides updated and entertaining guest posts to people all around the world.
  • The website seeks high-quality football guest Write for Us + Football, pieces written by experienced and professional writers. 
  • The website prioritizes only excellent and engaging guest contributions that present current and up-to-date news and information.

Write for Us Football articles guidelines

  • The word limit of the article is 750 to 1500.
  • Sports articles should be highly updated, so the writers have to pick up the topics happening recently in the sports sector. Like the sports stars’ performance updates, the latest match results and analysis, highlighting moments, etc.
  • While writing the Football Write for Us article, writers must give respect to all the players, irrespective of their performance in any match or country. Don’t criticize any teams or players.
  • Articles should be crisp and to the point. Kindly avoid writing unnecessary points that are not related to the topic.
  • The “Write for Us” + Football articles can be addressed in many different ways, like in a general manner so that writers can review the performance of any football players; they can also share some inspiring stories about the football players, etc.
  • The readability score of the article should be greater than 70%. Writers can make use of the Grammarly application to view their readability.
  • Football + “Write for Us” writers can also use the Grammarly application to check the grammatical correctness of their articles. Try to get a score of 99+.
  • Content creation is about generating unique content; thus, kindly write only the unique ones for us.
  • A football article usually has more competition, so to make our article outshine the others, we need to follow the SEO guidelines, and the first step is to find the suitable and necessary keywords for the title.
  • In the Football “Write for Us” post Keyword-stuffing activity should be avoided at any cost, so writers must follow this rule to prevent it. For every 100 to 200 words, one keyword is enough.
  • Internal linking is the perfect way to add credibility to our article, so kindly add 2 to 3 links. It should be hyperlinked with proper anchor tags.

Benefits to the Football + Write for Us, writers

Writers will get credit for their works because we add their names while publishing. Our readers get to know about the writers, and they may contact them for any future works for themselves because our reader base consists of high-level professionals and media persons.

Our article will obtain higher traffic and web impressions when compared to our competitors.

“Write for Us”+Football, – Sending Your Football Guest Post 

  • Writers keen on the opportunity must understand how to submit their work. They must send the completed write-ups to the official EMAIL ([email protected]).
  • After receiving the  Write for Us+Football articles, the editors will assess and review them, and if they do not discover any errors in the material, they will make it on the official site. 
  • Writers will be notified by their registered email address if they get selected.

Conclusion on “Write for Us” + “Football”

Before beginning to write for us as guest bloggers, writers must meet all the rules. They must follow the instructions and submit their work on time. Always submit plagiarised free content and send us articles using your original email address so we can readily contact you.

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