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About Gerenal Information Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post

The article explains the basic guidelines and presentation rules to be followed by the Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post writers during submission.

Are you someone who is passionate about providing health services to people and has extensive field experience in the health sector? Will you be able to share your interests and service-oriented mindsets via Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post articles? We are a group of people who are serious about improving the global population’s health, which is why we came up with the idea of taking on this topic. We greatly appreciate your interest, but you must also do something for us: follow the guidelines below.

About our website “chengho.org”

Our website, chengho.org, contains the user-friendly mission goals we have incorporated into our Health Paid + Write for Us website. The term “chengho” refers to three jewels, and the three jewels of our website are authenticity, customer satisfaction, and valuable information. We have been paying attention to all these jewels, resulting in us gaining more readers worldwide.

Our highly authentic content falls under the category of

  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Money
  • Business
  • Health
  • Education

Write for Us + Health Paid writers Preferred Experience and Educational Qualification

Health is a vast topic, and people must be updated daily to stay aware of emerging viruses and infections. Every day, we wake up to the latest disease updates; thus, staying healthy and choosing a healthy lifestyle is the only solution in this digital world so we have chosen this “Write for Us” + Health Paid topic.

  • Persons who have finished degrees in health studies, public and global health, health science, or health economics can share their technical and advanced knowledge with us.
  • Presently, there are more online courses related to health that is going viral, so the person who completed courses like Immunology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Vaccines, Viral Immunology, Drug Discovery and Development etc, “Write for Us” + “Health Paid” writers who have taken any health-related courses can also try it.
  • Medical researchers, health professionals, dieticians, and doctors can also spend their valuable time providing high-quality articles for our readers.
  • Field experience and writing skills are essential. The freshers can try different topics, but as this topic concerns people’s lives, we expect the experienced people to deal with this health topic.

Examples of the Write for Us Health Paid topics

  • Will the world have to face another pandemic in the year 2023? What preventive measures should be taken at the national, regional, and home levels?
  • What are the major things that are deteriorating people’s lives, and how can they avoid those harmful habits?
  • Insights on immediate attention to addressing the people’s psychological health and much more associated content.

Health Paid Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The writers should not endorse any medical institutions in their articles, and commercialization of the article is against the morality of our website; don’t do that, or else that particular article will be rejected for sure without any consideration and irrespective of its other valuable contents.
  • Word count limit: 750 to 2000 
  • Write for Us+ Health Paid writers should not copy anyone’s work, and we won’t share any plagiarised articles with our readers, so make sure to submit a unique article. And to check the article’s uniqueness, the writer can use the plagiarism checker tools, which are available for free.
  • Similarly, the writers can use the Grammarly application to check grammar and spelling mistakes and attain a Grammarly score of 99 or higher.

“Write for Us” + Health Paid articles SEO guidelines

  • Health is a general topic, and to get good Google rankings, we have to incorporate specific target keywords into the article. Writers can use the Google Keyword Planner application to find suitable keywords.
  • A lower spam value of the article results in a higher SEO score, so please maintain the spam value (below 6%) by adding appropriate internal and external links.

Health Paid + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

Our website has the most friendly and professional writers; if the guest post authors have any difficulties with the article formats or have any questions about SEO optimization techniques, they can seek the assistance of our writers or editors’ team. 

They will undoubtedly assist the writers in resolving their issues, and as a result, writers will be able to learn something new that will benefit their future.

Health Paid “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

Persons adhering to the abovementioned guidelines should only submit their articles to this editorial team’s Email Address: [[email protected]].


Our Chengho team needs to explain to the writers an important term and condition of our platform, namely, that after the selection process, the writers should not share or sell their selected Write for Us + Health Paid Guest Post article to another platform. We have set this Healthy condition for the writers’ benefit, so please follow it. Thank you and all the best!

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