Is Foogifts Legit {Oct 2022} Check The Full Review!

Food Gifts online website reviews

Is Foogifts Legit: It is an online retail website for a wide range of offers to suit your preference and pocket. Further, is this site genuine or not?-Read this above article.

It is one customer-oriented online platform that deals with a wide range of gadgets and other such useful products. You will find great offers on all the listed products.

Still, the one concern which exists among the United States consumers, in case of any website comes here as well that Is Foogifts Legit or not? -Is truly not answered here as we could not find any such source to confirm the same.

Is Foogifts an Authentic Website?  

The finding to assure the reliability of this website is depended on the below points; please review:

  • Missing Information: Authentic and complete office addresses and contact details.
  • Brand Creation Date: It was created on 7th September 2020. 
  • Registration Name: It is registered as
  • Social Media Existence: Social media profiles are not found.
  • Address Authenticity: It is almost impossible to trace the contact address as no such information is published for this website. 
  • Owner Information: Foogifts owns this portal.
  • Reviews: Finding Is Foogifts Legit or not, we did not find reviews on the website and the internet anywhere.
  • Plagiarized Content: The content is 100% plagiarized. 
  • Trust Score: It is very poor, only 5%.
  • Brand Popularity: It is not popular in the United States.
  • Broken Link: Yes, there is a broken link; a Mailbox connection is not provided.
  • Ways of Payment: Single-mode is only acceptable.

What is this Foogifts Portal? 

It is a US-based retail shopping website, where buyers are provided with great deals for shopping on a wide range of products like motion balls, running belts, reading glasses, smart locks, strip fixator, hairdryer, pet beds, LEDs, and many more such useful products. 

While searching Foogifts Reviews, we observed people could obtain all product variety in the ‘All Product’ section. Products are described with several videos and pictures.


  • Website Link:
  • Portal Type: It is the online retail shopping destination for buying motion balls, running belts, reading glasses, smart locks, strip fixators, hairdryers, pet beds, LEDs, and many more useful products.
  • Address: Missing.
  • Email Address: [email protected].
  • Contact Number: Not available.
  • Order Cancellation: Cancellation valid within 24 hours; afterward 30% restocking fee will be applicable.
  • Delivery Policy: All orders are shipped out within 3 working days.
  • Return: After the research on Is Foogifts Legit, we could find this facility available here.
  • Delivery Cost: It will be provided at check-out time. 
  • Exchange: no exchanges are provided.
  • Refund: Applicable. 7-9 Business days for the transaction to be completed for PayPal payment.
  • Payment Modes: as of now, only PayPal payment is available.
  • Domain age: The brand age is 7 months.

Pros of Connecting with

  • HTTPS connection is found.
  • Cancellation is accepted within 24 hours after the order placement, and after that, any Shipping service is offered to most countries.
  • At the time of researching Is Foogifts Legit or not we observed a wide range of products with heavy discounts.

Cons of Ordering from

  • We could not find review or observance from the customer as if there is not dealing so far.
  • Limited payment option, primarily providing single payment mode. 
  • Cancellation will be deducted for a 30% restocking fee.
  • Not proper address or direct contact details are available.
  • The existence of a website is less than a year.
  • The channel to contact the website is only an email address.
  • The offers and discounts appear to be very unrealistic and doubtful.

What are the Buyers’ Foogifts Reviews?

There is one concern that hardly any review or comment of this website’s services is provided. It seems no customer has contacted or reviewed this website. 

The major question is foogifts authentic or not?-Is still unanswered. 

Having comments and feedback from buyers and customer is one attractive point for any online website and since this website is very new but still seven months old should have at least some reviews to publish.

Final Words:

From zero reviews to very new existence period to very limited contact details of this website’s resource, we can only say that it is not possible to ensure the safety of buying on this website. The buyers are doing the transaction at their own risk. 

Is Foogifts Legit?-after examining, we cannot say it is a legit site, and people are suggested to research this e-com shopping portal and then decide.

Which website do you want to recommend others for purchasing gadgets?-Comments below.

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