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  • News of our President’s activities:

(a  1. Paguyuban Social Marga Tionghoa Indonesia (PSMTI), an Indonesian Chinese association in Jakarta has been planning to set up a Cheng Ho Museum in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta. Dr Tan Ta Sen was invited by the Association to visit the site and he took some photos of the building for the proposed museum. Tan agreed to assist them in setting up the museum as we have the experience from establishing the Melaka Cheng Ho Cultural Museum in 2004-2005. Further discussions will be held in Batam in due course.

(b   2. On 20-21 February 2009, Tan Ta Sen participated in the first meeting of the 100-metre long Chinese brush painting held in Kunming. The painting is to depict the saga of Zheng He’s voyages as well as his exploits. The meeting was attended by many prominent artists from China and Malaysia. It was decided to start the project without delay and a committee was set up to coordinate the work. The first team of artists will be visiting many of the places visited by Zheng He's fleets in order to have a better understanding and impression of the local natural environment, culture and people. 

Their itinerary will comprise two journeys, the first will be to Southeast  Asian destinations and the second to locations in other countries  visited by Zheng He, e.g. Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East and Africa.While in Kunming, Dr Tan was offered a five-year tenure of Visiting Professorship by the University of Finance and Economics in Kunming with effect from February 2009. 



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