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General News

1.         Our Associate Member, Mr Terry Little, who is an American but based in Panama will be visiting our library on 13th January 2009 together with his team from Malaysia and Japan. Mr Little is a naval architect and is currently doing research on the construction of the “Super-Junks”. He is seeking assistance from our society for information to understand the architecture and stability of such large wooden ships. Taking this opportunity, we would like to welcome them and will do our best to assist them. At the same time, we would appreciate members or friends who are able to help are most welcome to join us. You may also send us information for our visitors.


 2.       Our Working Committee for organizing a Conference to commemorate the 600th Anniversary 

            of Zheng He's 3rd voyage in 1409 when he visited Melaka will be having our 2nd meeting on

           16th January 2009 to be held at the Confucius Institute. The Chairman of this subcommittee is Dr

            Tan Ta Sen, Vice Chairman is Prof. Leo Suryadinata and its Executive Chairman is Mr C. C.

            Chin. The first meeting was held on 29 November 2008 during the Joint Exhibition on the History

            of Chinese-Medium Scdools (2008) from 29 Nov to 6 Dec 2008 at the Chinese High School.



            Photo taken at the first meeting of the Conference Organising Committee.

          From left to right : Dr Koh Hock Kiat, Mr C C Chin, Dr Tan Ta Sen, Dr Chia Lin Sien, Mr Lim How 



3.        At the Joint Exhibition on the History of Chinese-Medium Schools (2008) from 29 Nov to 6 Dec

           2008 held at the Chinese High School, our well presented Zheng He exhibit attracted many

           visitors. We hope that the exhibition helped to spread knowledge of Zheng He, this great

           Chinese navigator to the public.







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