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The International Zheng He Society will be holding our 7th Annual General Meeting on Friday, 24th April 2009, 6.30-8.00pm, in LT802 (8th floor), Confucius Institute, Slim Barracks Rise, off North Buona Vista Road.  Please make yourself available for this meeting so that you can meet your fellow members.  We will be electing new office bearers. Refreshment will be served.

Lee Khoon Choy, Eternal Pillars Art Exhibition, 8th Level, National Library Building, 3-26 April 2009

Our  Honorary Chairman, Mr  Lee Khoon Choy invited several members of our Committee Members to the launch of an exhibition of his artwork.  The exhibition named Eternal Pillars is hosted by China Knowledge at the National Library Building, Victoria Street.  The occasion was graced by President  Nathan. 


Photo 1.   Mr Lee Khoon Choy with President S. R. Nathan



Photo 2.   (From left) Dr Chia Lin Sien, Dr Tan Eng Chaw, Mr Lee Khoon Choy and Prof. Leo Suryadinata.


605th Anniversary of Zheng He and the Afro-Asian World Conference

The Organizing Committee for the above Conference, under the able leadership of our Committee Member, Mr C.C. Chin, has made good progress. The Committee met for the 4th time on 27 March 2009 in the home of our President, Dr Tan Ta Sen, to discuss various matters to formulate our plan of action.  The tri-lingual (Bahasa, Chinese and English) Conference is targeted for 11 & 12 May 2010 to be held in Malacca.  It would be a joint effort with the Melaka Cheng Ho Cultural Museum and several other organizations.  Details have been put together on its objectives, composition of advisors and committee members (some from Malaysia), as well as themes and subthemes. Work has been carried out to compile a list of potential participants and speakers at the Conference as well as the framework of the conference..  The conference will also yield a volume of selected papers to commemorate Zheng He’s 605th Anniversary of the start of his voyages.

Quest for the Construction of Zheng He’s Treasure Ships

Our Associate Member, Mr Terry Little, who is an American residing in Panama, continues to seek out technical information on the construction and viability of the Treasure Ship.  Details of the key questions of the size and shape of the ship’s keel, its weight distribution, double-layered hull of the ship, the rudder and other aspects of the architecture and method of its construction are being sought after.  Our honorary secretary, Dr Chia Lin Sien, made efforts to find persons knowledgeable on the Treasure Ship and the matter was discussed at our recent Committee Meeting on 27 March 2009.  While we were unable to identify anyone among our members who could be of assistance, we were able to point Mr Little in the direction of Professor Shi Ping ( 时平)  in Shanghai who may be able to help him in his investigation.  Should anyone come across relevant information on the Treasure Ship, we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Article on ‘The Admiral Zheng He’ from a Middle Eastern Perspective

We are happy to bring to your attention and reading pleasure an interesting article written by Mr Paul Lunde that appeared in April 2005 issue of Aramco World magazine.  The URL is as follows:

The Author is a historian and arabist.  He studied at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies and specializes in Islamic history and literature. He is the author of Islam: Culture, Faith and History. Lunde can be reached at  He has given us permission to publicise this article.


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