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General News

The Society's third committee meeting for the current term was held on 19 Nov 2008 at the Confucius Institute. Among other things, below are the activities proposed.

A. A monthly eNewsletter will be created to keep all members inform of the Society activities and also to maintain a form of communication with all members.

B. Zheng He Exhibits at the Joint Exhibition on the History of Chinsese-Medium Schools (2008) to be held at the Chinese High School from 29th Nov to 6th Dec 2008. The event is being organized by the alumni of 24 Chinese medium schools in Singapore and Malaysia.

C. Conference to commemorate the 600th Anniversary of Zheng He's visit to Malacca that took place in 2009. This has been considered as a special project for the Society and our President, Dr. Tan Ta Sen. Researchers in South East Asia and the littoral States around the Indian Ocean where Zheng He's fleet visited are being identified and appointed to undertake field studies and to gather information of the locations and to write reports on their findings. These reports will form the core of the presentations to be made at the Conference scheduled for May 2010.









 Zheng He Exhibits at the Joint Exhibition on the History of Chinese-Medium Schools

ZhengHe Epic


Oil painting Zheng He's Sailing Ship to the Western Ocean (Yao Zhonghua)

In 1405 (3rd year of Ming Emperor Yongle's reign), a large fleet led by Admiral Zheng He sailed "day and night in full sails" from Liujiagang at Taicang in China's Jiangsu province. In fearless pioneering spirit, Zheng he's fleet began an unprecendented large-scale ocean-going voyage, and since then, his voyages to the west had secured for China pioneer status in the world's maritime history of ocean-going navigation.


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