Two volumes of Zheng He & the Afro-Asian World – one in Chinese and the other in English - are now available. Please see details under “Books & Publications”.

Message from the President

Welcome to International Zheng He Society. The 10th Annual General Meeting took place on 28 April 2012. With the newly elected Council that includes very capable people, I look forward to many activities and new achievements ahead for the Society. I invite you to view the profile of our Council Members in our website.

Over the past few years, we have seen many new local and overseas members joining our Society and we have now updated our database for members. I would like to continue to see not just more members but also more active members supporting our activities. We wish also to connect and work with like-minded groups and associations in other countries. We need to involve more young people who are passionate about Zheng He and desire to understand his legacy in places he visited during his voyages.... <Click here for more >


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